IT-security Q&A

One mechanism for identifying research projects which are innovative and also relevant to application is our IT-security Q&A platform. It allows users to ask questions about specific requirements which will then be answered by research experts and can be included in the roadmap process together with original research topics.

Additionally, the secUnity-team presents and answers questions raised during special events on cyber security. The secUnity project wishes to give incentives to researchers and industrial actors to discuss new research topics. This platform ist meant to support the interdisciplinary exchange in cyber security.


One key objective of secUnity is a roadmap of IT security research supported by the entire security community.

Only a common vision arising from an intense dialog in various formats with all parties involved allows the Community on a medium and long term to jointly address innovative research issues and, in this way, speak with one voice.  

Discussion Paper “Key Challenges in IT Security Research”

We have identified the key challenges in IT security research and recorded the current state of the art in this discussion paper.

Therefore we now encourage everyone to join our dialogue. Please send your suggestions extending the paper via email or visit the IT-security Q&A platform on our website. If you find the paper is covering “everything” IT security research has to solve within the next years, we are happy to hear it – as well as constructive criticism.

Strategy Papers on IT Security from other Initiatives