User's guide for the secUnity map


The secUnity map gives a comprehensive overview over the academic and industrial players in IT security. The map is based on OpenStreetMap, which has been adapted to the requirements of the secUnity map. [1] It permits to search for entries with the help of filters and to zoom in and out on the map. As a user you can inform secUnity via if you wish to appear on the map or if you want us to edit your entry.

Search Criteria


The search bar offers different possibilities to search for institutions:

  • Search: Enter a search term, for example the word university, and all institutions containing this word in their name, address or category will appear on the map.
  • Type: You can filter by the categories Research, Industry, Non-Profit and Education.
  • Size: You can filter by the number of employees. The category s (small) covers all institutions with less then 50 employees. Filtering by m (medium) will show you all players with a total of employees between 50 and 249 and by l (large) the ones with more then 250 employees.
  • Expertise: You can filter by the fields of competence: Computer Science, Law, Electrical Engineering and Economics.
  • SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are businesses whose personnel numbers, sales revenues or total assets fall within certain limits.




As user you can choose between two different views: either the Map view, where the institutions are shown according to their geographical position, or the List view, where the institutions are listed alphabetically.

Using the Map view, you can click on individual institutions to see all information available to the actor in question in a separate box.




An other possibility to search for institutions are the tagged categories listed underneath the map.

You can choose a main category and subsequently different sub-categories. It is possible to select one or several. With Toggle all you (de-)select all sub-categories. After your selection only the institutions tagged with these categories will appear. Finally, it should be mentioned that secUnity does not claim that the categorization is complete. 

Further Questions?

If there are further questions, please contact the secUnity team via e-mail:

[1] OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free redactable map of the world. For further information about the project and the handling please visit the website