Supporting the security community

Welcome to secUnity – a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to intensify IT security research in Germany and Europe. We support sustainable interdisciplinary networking in IT security research on a European level by

  • conducting a survey of IT security research locations,
  • systematically assessing gaps in IT security,
  • performing a dialog to obtain a vision of long-term IT security research policy,
  • organizing events and scientific workshops, and
  • participating actively in training young researchers.

Get Involved!

Attend our events, stay informed about possible partners through our IT security map, or discuss on our push-pull platform about concrete issues on IT security:

Konferenz des Forums Privatheit: Die Fortentwicklung des Datenschutzes

Am 02. und 03. November 2017 veranstaltet das "Forum Privatheit und selbstbestimmtes Leben in der Digitalen Welt" eine Konferenz zum Thema "Die...


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Long night of IT-Law

On the 25th of October 2017, the society of the Junge Juristen Karlsruhe e.V. invited interested parties to the “Long night of IT-Law”. The speakers...


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Screening of the film "CITIZENFOUR" in the cinema Schauburg and panel discussion

The 'Traumfabrik' #14/2017-18 „BIG BROTHER – Surveillance Cinema“ demonstrates the topic of information technology in our private life by organizing a...


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IT Security Map

Our IT security map displays partners in the IT security world.

Push-Pull Platform

One mechanism for identifying research projects which are innovative and also relevant to application is our push-pull platform. It allows users to ask questions about specific requirements which will then be answered by universities and can be included in the roadmap process together with original research topics.